Cleric level 2 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Share Talents Transmutation PH2
Shared Healing Conjuration MoE
Shatter Evocation PH
Shield Other Abjuration PH
Shroud of Undeath Necromancy Sc_
Silence Illusion PH
Soul Ward Abjuration CC
Soulmeld Blessing Evocation MoI
Sound Burst Evocation PH
Spawn Screen Necromancy LM
Spawn Screen Necromancy Sc_
Spectral Stag Conjuration Mag
Spell Immunity, Lesser Abjuration Sc_
Spell Shield Abjuration Mag
Spider Legs Transmutation BV
Spiritual Weapon Evocation PH
Spores of the Vrock Conjuration BV
Stabilize Conjuration Sc_
Status Divination PH
Stay the Hand Enchantment PH2