Spells in Enchantment

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Addiction Enchantment BV
Adoration of the Frightful Enchantment DM
Advice Enchantment OA
Aggravate Dracorage Enchantment DrF
Aid Enchantment PH
Aid, Legion's Enchantment MH
Aid, Mass Enchantment Sc_
Anathema Enchantment CR
Animal Messenger Enchantment PH
Animal Trance Enchantment PH
Antipathy Enchantment PH
Awaken Sin Enchantment Sc_
Bane Enchantment PH
Battle Hymn Enchantment Sc_
Beastland Ferocity Enchantment PlH
Beastland Ferocity Enchantment Sc_
Beckon Monster Enchantment TM
Beckon Person Enchantment TM
Beckoning Call Enchantment FCI
Bewildering Mischance Enchantment CC