Spells in Illusion

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Alustriel's Banner Illusion SM
Ambient Song Illusion SaS
Apparition Illusion CAr
Apparition Illusion OA
Beastmask Illusion DF
Benign Projection Illusion CV
Bewildering Substitution Illusion CC
Bewildering Visions Illusion CC
Bladeweave Illusion CAd
Bladeweave Illusion Sc_
Blinding Color Surge Illusion PH2
Blur Illusion PH
Chameleon Illusion CAr
Chameleon Illusion OA
Change self Illusion PHB
Choir Illusion SaS
Claws of Darkness Illusion FRCS
Claws of Darkness Illusion Sc_
Cloak Pool Illusion PlH
Cloak Pool Illusion Sc_