Cleric level 2 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Black Lungs Necromancy Gh
Blade Brothers Abjuration PH2
Blade of Pain and Fear Evocation LM
Blood Snow Necromancy Fr
Body Blades Transmutation Mag
Body Blades Transmutation Sc_
Body Ward Abjuration CC
Boneblast Necromancy BV
Brambles Transmutation CD
Brambles Transmutation DF
Brambles Transmutation Sc_
Brumal Stiffening Transmutation Fr
Bull's Strength Transmutation PH
Calm Emotions Enchantment PH
Close Wounds Conjuration Sc_
Cloud of Knives Conjuration PH2
Conduit of Life Conjuration CC
Conjure Ice Beast II Conjuration Fr
Conjure Ice Object Conjuration Fr
Consecrate Evocation PH