Cleric level 5 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Anticold Sphere Abjuration Sc_
Atonement Abjuration PH
Aura of Evasion Abjuration Dr
Aura of Evasion Abjuration Sc_
Banish Dragonmark Abjuration Dra
Battletide Transmutation LD
Battletide Transmutation Mag
Bear's Heart Transmutation DF
Bebilith Blessing Transmutation DrU
Bewildering Mischance Enchantment CC
Bind to Hell Conjuration FCII
Bleed Necromancy CC
Blight Necromancy DF
Blight Necromancy MW
Blistering Radiance Evocation CAr
Blistering Radiance Evocation Sc_
Boreal Wind Evocation Fr
Break Enchantment Abjuration PH
Call Zelekhut Conjuration PlH
Call Zelekhut Conjuration Sc_