Spells in Abjuration

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Abate Dracorage Abjuration DrF
Abolish Shadows Abjuration Una
Absorption Abjuration CAr
Absorption Abjuration TB
Absorption Abjuration Sc_
Aerial Alarm Abjuration HB
Aiming At the Target Abjuration CAr
Aiming At the Target Abjuration OA
Aiming at the Target Abjuration Sc_
Alarm Abjuration PH
Alarm, Greater Abjuration Sc_
Aligned Aura Abjuration CC
Angelskin Abjuration MH
Angelskin Abjuration Sc_
Anti-ectoplasm Shell Abjuration Gh
Anticipate Teleportation Abjuration CAr
Anticipate Teleportation Abjuration Sc_
Anticipate Teleportation, Greater Abjuration CAr
Anticipate Teleportation, Greater Abjuration Sc_
Anticold Sphere Abjuration Fr