Cleric level 6 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Adept Spirit, Mass Divination MoI
Algid Enhancement Transmutation Fr
Animate Objects Transmutation PH
Antilife Shell Abjuration PH
Awaken Undead Necromancy SS
Azuth's Exalted Triad Transmutation Mag
Banishment Abjuration PH
Barghest's Feast Necromancy PlH
Barghest's Feast Necromancy Sc_
Bear's Endurance, Mass Transmutation PH
Blade Barrier Evocation PH
Bolt of Glory Evocation Sc_
Bull's Strength, Mass Transmutation PH
Call Faithful Servants Conjuration BE
Celestial Blood Abjuration BE
Chasing Perfection Transmutation PH2
Cloak of Hate Enchantment HH
Cloud of the Achaierai Conjuration BV
Cold Snap Transmutation Sc_
Cometfall Conjuration CD