Cleric level 1 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Anarchic Water Transmutation PlH
Anarchic Water Transmutation Sc_
Angry Ache Necromancy BV
Axiomatic Water Transmutation PlH
Axiomatic Water Transmutation Sc_
Bane Enchantment PH
Blade of Blood Necromancy PH2
Bless Enchantment PH
Bless Water Transmutation PH
Blessed Aim Divination Sc_
Blood Wind Evocation SS
Blood Wind Evocation Sc_
Burial Blessing Abjuration DF
Cause Fear Necromancy PH
Cloak of Shade Abjuration Sa
Cold Fire Transmutation Sc_
Command Enchantment PH
Comprehend Languages Divination PH
Conjure Ice Beast I Conjuration Fr
Conviction Abjuration MH