Cleric level 2 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Cure Moderate Wounds Conjuration PH
Curse of Ill Fortune Transmutation CD
Curse of Ill Fortune Transmutation Sc_
Curseof Ill Fortune Transmutation Mag
Dance of Ruin Necromancy BV
Dark Way Illusion Sc_
Darkbolt Evocation BV
Darkbolt Evocation LoM
Darkness Evocation PH
Death Knell Necromancy PH
Deific Vengeance Conjuration CD
Deific Vengeance Conjuration Sc_
Delay Manifestation Abjuration Gh
Delay Poison Conjuration PH
Denounce Enchantment FCII
Desecrate Evocation PH
Dessicate Necromancy Sa
Detect Aberration Divination LoM
Dispel Fog Abjuration ShS
Divine Flame Abjuration DF