Druid level 5 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Align Fang, Legion's Transmutation MH
Animal Growth Transmutation PH
Astral Hospice Conjuration PlH
Atonement Abjuration PH
Awaken Transmutation PH
Baleful Polymorph Transmutation PH
Big Sky Enchantment MW
Binding Winds Evocation CD
Binding Winds Evocation Mag
Bite of the Weretiger Transmutation Sc_
Blackwater Tentacle Conjuration Sto
Bleed Necromancy CC
Blizzard Transmutation Fr
Blood Creepers Conjuration PH2
Call Avalanche Evocation Fr
Call Lightning Storm Evocation PH
Choking Sands Necromancy Sa
Cloak of the Sea Transmutation CAd
Cloak of the Sea Transmutation MW
Cloak of the Sea Transmutation Sc_