Druid level 7 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Animalistic Power, Mass Transmutation PH2
Animate Plants Transmutation PH
As the Frost Transmutation PH2
Aura of Cold, Greater Transmutation Fr
Aura of Vitality Transmutation Mag
Aura of Vitality Transmutation Sc_
Brilliant Aura Transmutation CD
Brilliant Aura Transmutation Mag
Brilliant Blade Transmutation Sc_
Changestaff Transmutation PH
Changestones Transmutation Und
Cloudwalkers Transmutation CD
Cloudwalkers Transmutation MW
Cloudwalkers Transmutation Sc_
Conjure Ice Beast Vii Conjuration Fr
Control Weather Transmutation PH
Create Crossroads and Backroad Conjuration Mag
Creeping Cold, Greater Transmutation CD
Creeping Cold, Greater Transmutation MW
Creeping Doom Conjuration PH