Druid level 3 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Affliction Necromancy BE
Air Breathing Transmutation CR
Air Breathing Transmutation SS
Air Breathing Transmutation Sto
Air Breathing Transmutation Sc_
Align Fang Transmutation MH
Align Fang, Mass Transmutation Sc_
Alter Fortune Divination PH2
Arctic Haze Conjuration Fr
Attune Form Transmutation MP
Attune Form Transmutation PlH
Attune Form Transmutation Sc_
Augment Object Transmutation SB
Aura of Cold, Lesser Transmutation Fr
Babau Slime Transmutation PlH
Beast Claws Transmutation CD
Beast Claws Transmutation DF
Binding Snow Transmutation Fr
Bite of the Werewolf Transmutation Sc_
Blindsight Transmutation Mag