Druid level 9 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Anathema Enchantment CR
Antipathy Enchantment PH
Cast In Stone Transmutation Mag
Cast in Stone Transmutation Sc_
Cometstrike Conjuration Fr
Conjure Ice Beast Ix Conjuration Fr
Cure Critical Wounds, Mass Conjuration PH
Death Ward, Mass Necromancy Sc_
Death Ward, Mass Necromancy LM
Doom of the Seas Conjuration Sto
Drown, Mass Conjuration Und
Drown, Mass Conjuration Sc_
Elemental Swarm Conjuration PH
Epidemic Necromancy MW
Foresight Divination PH
Invulnerability to Elements Abjuration MW
Lookingglass Transmutation MW
Nature's Avatar Evocation CD
Nature's Avatar Evocation MW
Nature's Avatar Transmutation Sc_