Cleric level 3 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Ring of Blades Conjuration CAr
Ring of Blades Conjuration MH
Ring of Blades Conjuration Sc_
Rockburst Evocation ShS
Sadism Enchantment BV
Safety Abjuration MP
Safety Abjuration Sc_
Searing Light Evocation PH
Sheltered Vitality Abjuration LM
Shield of Warding Abjuration Dr
Shield of Warding Abjuration Sc_
Shivering Touch Necromancy Fr
Shriveling Necromancy BV
Sink Transmutation Sc_
Skull Watch Necromancy PG
Skull Watch Necromancy Sc_
Slashing Darkness Evocation CR
Slashing Darkness Evocation MH
Slashing Darkness Evocation Sc_
Snowshoes, Mass Transmutation Sc_