Cleric level 3 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Soldiers of Sanctity Evocation FoW
Sonorous Hum Evocation SS
Sonorous Hum Evocation Sc_
Soul Boon Necromancy MoI
Soul of Light Transmutation DM
Soul of Shadow Transmutation DM
Soul of the Waste Transmutation Sa
Sound Lance Evocation SS
Spark of Life Necromancy Sc_
Speak With Dead Necromancy PH
Spiderbind Transmutation CV
Spikes Transmutation CD
Spikes Transmutation DF
Spikes Transmutation Sc_
Spiritual Charger Evocation HB
Stand Firm Transmutation FoW
Sticks and Stones Necromancy ShS
Stone Shape Transmutation PH
Storm Shield Abjuration LE
Subdue Aura Abjuration CC