Cleric level 3 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Protection from Negative Energy Abjuration PlH
Protection from Positive Energy Abjuration LM
Protection from Positive Energy Abjuration PlH
Redirect Spell Abjuration ShS
Refreshment Conjuration BE
Regenerate Moderate Wounds Conjuration MW
Rejuvenative Corpse Necromancy Sc_
Remedy Moderate Wounds Conjuration Mag
Remove Blindness/deafness Conjuration PH
Remove Curse Abjuration PH
Remove Disease Conjuration PH
Remove Nausea Conjuration BE
Rend Shadow Weave Abjuration CV
Resist Elements, Mass Abjuration TB
Resist Energy, Mass Abjuration CAr
Resist Energy, Mass Abjuration Sc_
Resist Taint Abjuration HH
Resurgence, Mass Abjuration Sc_
Revelation Divination DrF
Revitalize Legacy, Least Transmutation WL