Bard level 3 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Stunning Screech Evocation BV
Summon Monster III Conjuration PH
Suppress Breath Weapon Enchantment Dr
Suppress Breath Weapon Enchantment Sc_
Tormenting Thirst Enchantment Sa
Treasure Scent Divination Sc_
Unluck Divination Sc_
Verraketh's Shadow Crown Enchantment Rac
Vision of the Omniscient Eye Divination/Evocation DM
Warcry Enchantment BE
Weapon of Impact Transmutation Mag
Weapon of Impact Transmutation Sc_
Winding Alleys Illusion RD
Wounding Whispers Abjuration Mag
Wounding Whispers Abjuration Sc_