Bard level 4 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Transmutation Sc_
Allegro Transmutation SaS
Baleful Blink Transmutation PH2
Battlecry Evocation CM
Blinding Beauty Transmutation BE
Break Enchantment Abjuration PH
Cacophonic Shield Evocation Sc_
Celebration Enchantment Mag
Celebration Enchantment Sc_
Celerity Transmutation PH2
Charm Person, Mass Enchantment RD
Choir Illusion SaS
Detect Scrying Divination PH
Dimension Door Conjuration PH
Diminish Breath Weapon Transmutation DrF
Dispel Possession Abjuration Gh
Dispel Water Abjuration Sa
Dolorous Motes Enchantment BE
Dominate Person Enchantment PH
Drums of War Enchantment HB