Bard level 3 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Ray of Dizziness Enchantment Sc_
Refreshment Conjuration BE
Remove Curse Abjuration PH
Reveille Necromancy Mag
Revitalize Legacy, Least Transmutation WL
Roar of the Waves Illusion Sto
Scrying Divination PH
Sculpt Sound Transmutation PH
Secret Page Transmutation PH
See Invisibility Divination PH
Sepia Snake Sigil Conjuration PH
Shadow Cache Illusion MP
Shadow Cache Illusion Sc_
Siren's Call Enchantment Sto
Slow Transmutation PH
Song of the Calling Abjuration Gh
Sonic Shield Evocation PH2
Speak With Animals Divination PH
Speechlink Divination CAd
Speechlink Divination Sc_