Bard level 6 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Transmutation CAd
Evocation SaS
Analyze Dweomer Divination PH
Animate Objects Transmutation PH
Bestow Curse, Greater Transmutation CD
Bestow Curse, Greater Transmutation RD
Bestow Greater Curse Transmutation BV
Cacophonic Shield Evocation CAd
Cacophonic Shield Evocation Mag
Cat's Grace, Mass Transmutation PH
Charm Monster, Mass Enchantment PH
City Stride Conjuration RD
Contingent Spell Lock Transmutation Gh
Cure Moderate Wounds, Mass Conjuration PH
Dirge Evocation Mag
Dirge Evocation Sc_
Eagle's Splendor, Mass Transmutation PH
Empyreal Ecstasy Abjuration BE
Expunge the Supernatural Abjuration TM
Eyebite Necromancy PH