Spells in Book of Vile Darkness

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Thousand Needles Conjuration BV
Tongue of Baalzebul Transmutation BV
Tongue Serpents Transmutation BV
Tongue Tendrils Transmutation BV
Touch of Juiblex Transmutation BV
Unheavened Abjuration BV
Unliving Weapon Necromancy BV
Unnerving Gaze Illusion BV
Utterdark Conjuration BV
Vile Lance Evocation BV
Wall of Chains Conjuration BV
Wall of Deadly Chains Conjuration BV
Wall of Eyes Conjuration BV
Wall of Ooze Conjuration BV
Wave of Grief Enchantment BV
Wave of Pain Necromancy BV
Were-doom Evocation BV
Whirlwind of Teeth Evocation BV
Wither Limb Necromancy BV
Wrack Necromancy BV