Spells in Book of Vile Darkness

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Aberrate Transmutation BV
Absorb Mind Divination BV
Absorb Strength Necromancy BV
Abyssal Might Conjuration BV
Addiction Enchantment BV
Alert Bebilith Conjuration BV
Angry Ache Necromancy BV
Apocalypse from the Sky Conjuration BV
Befoul Transmutation BV
Bestow Greater Curse Transmutation BV
Bestow Wound Transmutation BV
Black Bag Conjuration BV
Bodak Birth Transmutation BV
Boneblade Necromancy BV
Boneblast Necromancy BV
Call Dretch Horde Conjuration BV
Call Lemure Horde Conjuration BV
Call Nightmare Conjuration BV
Charnel Fire Necromancy BV
Cheat Transmutation BV