Spells in Book of Vile Darkness

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Circle of Nausea Evocation BV
Claws of the Bebilith Transmutation BV
Claws of the Savage Transmutation BV
Cloud of the Achaierai Conjuration BV
Clutch of Orcus Necromancy BV
Consume Likeness Necromancy BV
Cruel Disappointment Illusion BV
Crushing Fist of Spite Evocation BV
Curse of the Putrid Husk Illusion BV
Damning Darkness Evocation BV
Dance of Ruin Necromancy BV
Dancing Chains Transmutation BV
Darkbolt Evocation BV
Darklight Evocation BV
Death by Thorns Conjuration BV
Death Grimace Necromancy BV
Demon Wings Transmutation BV
Demoncall Divination BV
Demonflesh Transmutation BV
Despoil Transmutation BV