Wu Jen level 1 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Fiery Eyes Evocation CAr
Fiery Eyes Evocation OA
Ghost Light Necromancy CAr
Ghost Light Necromancy OA
Hail of Stone Conjuration CAr
Hail of Stone Conjuration OA
Iron Scarf Transmutation CAr
Iron Scarf Transmutation OA
Jet of Steam Evocation CM
Magic Missile Evocation PH
Magic Weapon Transmutation PH
Melt Evocation CAr
Melt Evocation OA
Obscuring Mist Conjuration PH
Scales of the Lizard Transmutation CAr
Scales of the Lizard Transmutation OA
Secret Signs Enchantment CAr
Secret Signs Enchantment OA
Shield Abjuration PH
Silent Image Illusion PH