Wu Jen level 8 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Antipathy Enchantment PH
Cloud Chariot Conjuration CAr
Cloud Chariot Transmutation OA
Control Plants Transmutation PH
Deadly Lahar Conjuration CM
Earthquake Evocation PH
Finding the Center Abjuration CAr
Finding the Center Abjuration OA
Horrid Wilting Necromancy PH
Incendiary Cloud Conjuration PH
Mind Blank Abjuration PH
Minute Form Transmutation CAr
Minute Form Transmutation OA
Mysterious Redirection Abjuration CM
Polymorph Any Object Transmutation PH
Power Word Stun Enchantment PH
Repel Metal Or Stone Abjuration PH
Sever Legacy Necromancy WL
Spirit Binding, Greater Conjuration CAr
Spirit Binding, Greater Conjuration OA