Paladin level 4 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Aligned Aura Abjuration CC
Aspect of the Deity, Lesser Transmutation BE
Aspect of the Deity, Lesser Transmutation DF
Aura of Cold, Lesser Transmutation Fr
Aura of the Sun Abjuration LE
Axiomatic Storm Conjuration PlH
Battlefield Illumination Evocation HB
Blessing of the Righteous Evocation PH2
Blood of the Martyr Necromancy BE
Bolster Aura Abjuration CC
Break Enchantment Abjuration PH
Castigate Evocation Sc_
Crown of Courage Enchantment FoW
Cure Serious Wounds Conjuration PH
Death Ward Necromancy PH
Dispel Chaos Abjuration PH
Dispel Evil Abjuration PH
Divine Retaliation Evocation PH2
Door to Great Evil Transmutation Gh
Draconic Might Transmutation Dr