Door to Great Evil


Transmutation [Teleportation]
Level: Paladin 4,
Components: V, DF,
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Personal or touch
Target: You or willing paladin touched
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

This spell functions like teleport, except as noted above and as follows.
When you cast this spell, you select one of two variants.
Send Yourself: You teleport yourself, your gear, and your special mount (if any).
You do not designate a destination; you are automatically transported to the nearest location on the same plane where your talents as a holy soldier are needed.
There is always at least one evil creature (or one creature committing an evil act) at this location.
Fighting this creature or creatures is always an appropriate action—you are not required to parley, and killing such creatures is always justified according to the rules of your faith.
The encounter level is less than or equal to your character level minus 2; thus, if you are a 14th-level paladin, you face an encounter of EL 12 or below.
If you are of a race that has a level adjustment (such as a dark elf ), use your effective character level instead of your actual character level for the purpose of determining the encounter level for this spell.
Door to great evil guarantees safe arrival for you (on solid ground, not within a raging fire or underwater, no chance of a mishap, and so on), but it does not provide you with a way to return.
You do, however, have a vague awareness of the distance traveled and know the direction you must go to return to the location where the spell was cast.
Send Another: This version of the spell functions as above, except that instead of teleporting yourself, you send another willing paladin with her gear and special mount (if any) in your place.
The challenge to the paladin is based on her character level, not yours.
All other factors in the spell description above that refer to "you" instead refer to the target paladin in this version.
This spell is a favorite of paladins of Aluvan and Dracanish, and of Durann to a lesser extent.
Once per year, many of them go on "door crusades", in which senior paladins cast this spell on several paladins in a row, sending them to purge evil from many spots beneath the city of Manifest.