Paladin level 2 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Angelskin Abjuration Sc_
Aura of Glory Transmutation Mag
Aura of Glory Transmutation Sc_
Awaken Sin Enchantment Sc_
Benediction Abjuration CC
Bladebane Transmutation Una
Blessed Aim Divination CD
Blessed Aim Divination DF
Bull's Strength Transmutation PH
Call Mount Conjuration BE
Checkmate's Light Evocation Sc_
Clarity of Mind Abjuration Und
Cloak of Bravery Abjuration Dr
Cloak of Bravery Abjuration CW
Cloak of Bravery Abjuration Sc_
Conduit of Life Conjuration CC
Crown of Smiting Evocation PH2
Curse of the Brute Transmutation DF
Delay Poison Conjuration PH
Denounce Enchantment FCII