Cleric level 3 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Dragonmarked Weapon Transmutation Dra
Energize Potion Transmutation BE
Energized Shield Abjuration Sc_
Energy Aegis Abjuration PH2
Energy Vortex Evocation Sc_
Energy Vulnerability Abjuration PH2
Entropic Shield, Mass Abjuration ShS
Faith Healing Wand Transmutation CV
Favor of Yathaghera Transmutation SM
Favorable Sacrifice Abjuration Sc_
Fell the Greatest Foe Transmutation Sc_
Flame of Faith Evocation CD
Flame of Faith Evocation DF
Flame of Faith Evocation Sc_
Flesh Ripper Evocation BV
Footsteps of the Divine Transmutation CC
Forced Incorporeality Transmutation Gh
Forced Manifestation Transmutation Gh
Forceward Abjuration Mag
Furnace Within Evocation RE