Spells in Races of Destiny

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Animate City Transmutation RD
Bestow Curse, Greater Transmutation RD
Charm Person, Mass Enchantment RD
Choose Destiny Divination RD
City Lights Evocation RD
City Stride Conjuration RD
City's Might Transmutation RD
Commune With City Divination RD
Delay Death Necromancy RD
Discern Bloodline Divination RD
Friendly Face Illusion RD
Insignia of Alarm Abjuration RD
Insignia of Blessing Enchantment RD
Insignia of Healing Conjuration RD
Insignia of Warding Abjuration RD
Locate City Divination RD
Omen of Peril Divination RD
Phantom Guardians Illusion RD
Proud Arrogance Enchantment RD
Rooftop Strider Transmutation RD