Spells in Complete Champion

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Aligned Aura Abjuration CC
Benediction Abjuration CC
Bewildering Mischance Enchantment CC
Bewildering Substitution Illusion CC
Bewildering Visions Illusion CC
Bleed Necromancy CC
Body Ward Abjuration CC
Bolster Aura Abjuration CC
Conduit of Life Conjuration CC
Confound Enchantment CC
Dampen Magic Abjuration CC
Darts of Life Conjuration CC
Deific Bastion Transmutation CC
Divine Presence Transmutation CC
Divine Retribution Abjuration CC
Door of Decay Conjuration CC
Execration Necromancy CC
Footsteps of the Divine Transmutation CC
Forest Child Transmutation CC
Forest Eyes Divination CC