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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Action Before Thought Diamond Mind ToB
Adamantine Bones Stone Dragon ToB
Adamantine Hurricane Iron Heart ToB
Adamantine Wings Transmutation CM
Addiction Enchantment BV
Adept Spirit Divination MoI
Adept Spirit, Mass Divination MoI
Adoration of the Frightful Enchantment DM
Adrenaline Surge Transmutation MW
Advice Enchantment OA
Aerial Alacrity Transmutation RW
Aerial Alarm Abjuration HB
Aerial Summoning Dance Conjuration Rac
Affliction Necromancy BE
Aganazzar's Scorcher Evocation FRCS
Aggravate Dracorage Enchantment DrF
Aid Enchantment PH
Aid, Legion's Enchantment MH
Aid, Mass Enchantment Sc_
Aiming At the Target Abjuration CAr