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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Wraithstrike Transmutation Sc_
Wrathful Castigation Enchantment Sc_
Wrathful Doom Necromancy MoI
Wreath of Flames Evocation DM
Wretched Blight Evocation BV
Wyrm's Flame Desert Wind ToB
Xorn Movement Transmutation MP
Xorn Movement Transmutation Sc_
Yakamo's Anger Evocation OA
Yari of Air Evocation OA
Yochlol Blessing Transmutation DrU
Yoke of Mercy Enchantment BE
Zajimarn's Avalanche Conjuration Mag
Zajimarn's Field of Icy Razors Evocation Mag
Zajimarn's Ice Claw Prison Evocation Mag
Zeal Abjuration CD
Zeal Abjuration DF
Zeal Abjuration Sc_
Zealot Pact Evocation CD
Zealot Pact Evocation Sc_