Wizard level 9 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Absorption Abjuration CAr
Absorption Abjuration TB
Absorption Abjuration Sc_
Abyssal Army Conjuration PlH
Abyssal Army Conjuration Sc_
Abyssal Rift Conjuration FCI
Alamanther's Return Transmutation Mag
Astral Projection Necromancy PH
Awaken Construct Transmutation SS
Awaken Construct Transmutation Sc_
Bigby's Crushing Hand Evocation PH
Binding Chain of Fate Evocation CSW
Black Blade of Disaster Conjuration Mag
Black Blade of Disaster Conjuration Sc_
Blinding Glory Conjuration BE
Burst of Glacial Wrath Evocation/Transmutation DM
Call Marut Conjuration PlH
Call Marut Conjuration Sc_
Chain Contingency Evocation TB
Construct Essence, Greater Transmutation RE