Wizard level 7 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Ability Rip Transmutation SK
Adamantine Wings Transmutation CM
Adept Spirit, Mass Divination MoI
Amber Sarcophagus Evocation BE
Animalistic Power, Mass Transmutation PH2
Animate Breath Transmutation Dr
Animate Breath Transmutation Sc_
Antimagic Aura Abjuration Mag
Antimagic Ray Abjuration Dr
Antimagic Ray Abjuration Sc_
Arcane Sight, Greater Divination PH
Arcane Spellsurge Universal DM
Arrow of Bone Necromancy Sc_
As the Frost Transmutation PH2
Avasculate Necromancy LM
Avasculate Necromancy Sc_
Awaken Undead Necromancy LM
Awaken Undead Necromancy SS
Awaken Undead Necromancy Sc_
Banishment Abjuration PH