Wizard level 6 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Acid Fog Conjuration PH
Acid Storm Evocation Mag
Acid Storm Evocation PG
Acid Storm Conjuration Sc_
Alert Bebilith Conjuration BV
Analyze Dweomer Divination PH
Animate Dread Warrior Necromancy Una
Anti-ectoplasm Shell Abjuration Gh
Anticipate Teleportation, Greater Abjuration CAr
Anticipate Teleportation, Greater Abjuration Sc_
Antimagic Field Abjuration PH
Arrow of Bone Necromancy CAr
Ashen Union Necromancy Sa
Aura of Evasion Abjuration Dr
Aura of Evasion Abjuration Sc_
Aura of Terror Necromancy Dr
Aura of Terror Necromancy Sc_
Bear's Endurance, Mass Transmutation PH
Bigby's Forceful Hand Evocation PH
Bite of the Weretiger Transmutation Sc_