Spells in Enchantment

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Chain of Chaos Enchantment DF
Charm Animal Enchantment PH
Charm Monster Enchantment PH
Charm Monster, Mass Enchantment PH
Charm Person Enchantment PH
Charm Person Or Ghost Enchantment Gh
Charm Person, Mass Enchantment RD
Cloak of Hate Enchantment HH
Command Enchantment PH
Command, Greater Enchantment PH
Compel Enchantment OA
Compel Breath Enchantment DrF
Cone of Euphoria Enchantment DrF
Confound Enchantment CC
Confusion Enchantment PH
Confusion, Lesser Enchantment PH
Control Elemental Enchantment MoE
Crisis of Confidence Enchantment HB
Crown of Courage Enchantment FoW
Crown of Glory Enchantment Sc_