Spells in Eberron Campaign Setting

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Necromancy ECS
Bolts of Bedevilment Enchantment ECS
Construct Energy Ward, Greater Abjuration ECS
Control Deathless Necromancy ECS
Create Deathless Necromancy ECS
Create Greater Deathless Necromancy ECS
Detect Abberation Divination ECS
Detoxify Conjuration ECS
Feast of Champions Conjuration ECS
Halt Deathless Necromancy ECS
Hardening Transmutation ECS
Iron Construct Transmutation ECS
Maddening Scream Enchantment ECS
Magecraft Divination ECS
Nature's Wrath Evocation ECS
Repair Critical Damage Transmutation ECS
Repair Light Damage Transmutation ECS
Repair Moderate Damage Transmutation ECS
Repair Serious Damage Transmutation ECS
Return to Nature Transmutation ECS