Spells in Hades domain

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Blasphemy Evocation PH
Contagion Necromancy PH
Crushing Despair Enchantment PH
Dispel Good Abjuration PH
Doom Necromancy PH
Energy Drain Necromancy PH
Gate Conjuration PH
Magic Circle Against Good Abjuration PH
Mantle of Evil Abjuration Sc_
Mind Fog Enchantment PH
Plane Shift Conjuration PH
Protection from Good Abjuration PH
Rebuke Enchantment Sc_
Resist Planar Alignment Abjuration Sc_
Unholy Aura Abjuration PH
Unholy Blight Evocation PH
Waves of Exhaustion Necromancy PH
Waves of Fatigue Necromancy PH