Spells with Ectomancy descriptor

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Anti-ectoplasm Shell Abjuration Gh
Charm Person Or Ghost Enchantment Gh
Contingent Spell Lock Transmutation Gh
Create Ectoplasm Conjuration Gh
Death Lock Necromancy Gh
Delay Manifestation Abjuration Gh
Detect Ghost Divination Gh
Dispel Possession Abjuration Gh
Disrupt Ectoplasm Necromancy Gh
Dominate Person Or Ghost Enchantment Gh
Ectoplasmic Decay Necromancy Gh
Ectoplasmic Web Conjuration Gh
Forced Incorporeality Transmutation Gh
Forced Manifestation Transmutation Gh
Ghost Companion Necromancy Gh
Ghost Lock Abjuration Gh
Ghost Touch Armor Transmutation Gh
Ghost Venom Necromancy Gh
Hail of Ectoplasm Conjuration Gh
Hold Person Or Ghost Enchantment Gh