Spells in Complete Mage

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Adamantine Wings Transmutation CM
Allied Footsteps Divination CM
Animate Weapon Transmutation CM
Arboreal Transformation Transmutation CM
Arcane Fusion Universal CM
Arcane Fusion, Greater Universal CM
Arcane Turmoil Abjuration CM
Aspect of the Icy Hunter Transmutation CM
Attentive Alarm Abjuration CM
Battlecry Evocation CM
Bigby's Slapping Hand Evocation CM
Blackrot Necromancy CM
Bloodletting Necromancy CM
Boiling Blood Transmutation CM
Bothersome Babble Enchantment CM
Cacophonous Alarm Abjuration CM
Caterwaul Enchantment CM
Catsfeet Transmutation CM
Caustic Mire Conjuration CM
Caustic Smoke Conjuration CM