Spells in Complete Arcane

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Absorption Abjuration CAr
Accuracy Transmutation CAr
Aiming At the Target Abjuration CAr
Animate Fire Transmutation CAr
Animate Water Transmutation CAr
Animate Wood Transmutation CAr
Anticipate Teleportation Abjuration CAr
Anticipate Teleportation, Greater Abjuration CAr
Apparition Illusion CAr
Arc of Lightning Conjuration CAr
Arrow of Bone Necromancy CAr
Assay Resistance Divination CAr
Backbiter Necromancy CAr
Bands of Steel Conjuration CAr
Blackfire Necromancy CAr
Blades of Fire Conjuration CAr
Blast of Flame Conjuration CAr
Blink, Greater Transmutation CAr
Blistering Radiance Evocation CAr
Body Outside Body Conjuration CAr