Spells in Champions of Ruin

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Air Breathing Transmutation CR
Anathema Enchantment CR
Arrowsplit Conjuration CR
Battle Line Abjuration CR
Bedevil Conjuration CR
Bloodfreeze Arrow Transmutation CR
Bloodspear Transmutation CR
Brilliant Energy Arrow Transmutation CR
Control Darkness and Shadow Transmutation CR
Darkflame Arrow Evocation CR
Doublestrike Arrow Transmutation CR
Enrage Animals Enchantment CR
Locate Node Divination CR
Love's Lament Enchantment CR
Mantle of the Slime Lord Abjuration CR
Mark of the Unfaithful Evocation CR
Necrotic Skull Bomb Necromancy CR
Node Door Conjuration CR
Node Genesis Conjuration CR
Node Lock Abjuration CR