Sorcerer level 4 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Abate Dracorage Abjuration DrF
Aboleth Curse Necromancy Sto
Abyssal Might Conjuration BV
Acid Orb Evocation TB
Aerial Alacrity Transmutation RW
Affliction Necromancy BE
Aggravate Dracorage Enchantment DrF
Animate Dead Necromancy PH
Antidragon Aura Abjuration Dr
Arcane Eye Divination PH
Arcane Seal Abjuration Sh
Aspect of the Icy Hunter Transmutation CM
Assay Resistance Divination CAr
Assay Spell Resistance Divination Sc_
Attune Form Transmutation MP
Attune Form Transmutation PlH
Attune Form Transmutation Sc_
Backlash Transmutation Mag
Backlash Transmutation Sc_
Baleful Blink Transmutation PH2