Classes in Champions of Valor

Class name Prestige
Berronar Valkyrie (Paladin) no
Broken One (Monk) no
Claw of the Sun and the Ankh (Paladin) no
Crescent Moon Knight (Paladin) no
Darksong Knight (Fighter) no
Eternal Order (Paladin) no
Fangshields Barbarian no
Fangshields Druid no
Fangshields Ranger no
Golden Cup (Paladin) no
Golden Lion (Paladin) no
Holy Judge (Paladin) no
Knight of the Flying Hunt yes
Knight of the Weave yes
Lion Legionnaire (Paladin) no
Moonsea Skysentinel yes
Mystic Fire Knight (Paladin) no
Noble Heart (Paladin) no
Phoenix Disciple (Monk) no
Purple Staff (Cleric) no
Red Falcon (Paladin) no
Ruby Rose Knight (Paladin) no
Shadow Sword (Ranger) no
Shooting Star (Ranger) no
Triadic Knight yes
Vigilant Eye of Helm (Paladin) no
Wary Swordknight (Paladin) no