Broken One (Monk)

(Champions of Valor variant, p. 36)

These kind and enduring monks dedicated to Ilmater are focused on defending the faithful and temples of the Broken God while acting as agents of punishment against those who would cruelly harm others. They combine the skills of healer and hunter in the service of their deity. They often assist other servants of the Triad when injustices against the innocent have occurred.


To take a Broken One substitution level, a character must have Ilmater as her patron deity and be about to take her 3rd, 6th, or 7th level of monk.

Hit die


Skill points

4 + Int

Class Features

Lay on Hands (Su): At 3rd level, a Broken One can gain the ability to heal wounds with her touch (see the paladin class feature, page 44 of the Player's Handbook). If the character has a Charisma score of 11 or lower, she can heal a number of points of damage each day equal to her monk class level.

This benefit replaces the still mind class feature gained by a standard monk.

Tenacious Tracker (Su): Beginning at 6th level, a Broken One gains the ability to follow the trail of those cruel enough to torture and maim others. She receives Track as a bonus feat. She gains a +10 competence bonus on Survival checks made to track those with Loviatar as a patron deity.

Furthermore, whenever she physically touches the flesh of one who has been injured within the previous hour by someone who has Loviatar as his patron deity, she receives a clear mental image of that person's true appearance.

This benefit replaces the bonus feat gained by a standard monk at 6th level.

Slow Fall (Ex): A Broken One's slow fall ability is identical to a standard monk's ability at 6th level.

Locate Creature (Sp): Starting at 7th level, a Broken One can use locate creature once per day, but only when attempting to find a creature that has Loviatar as a patron deity. Her caster level is equal to her class level.

This benefit replaces the wholeness of body class feature gained by a standard monk at 7th level.


Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special
3rd +2 +3 +3 +3 Lay on hands
6th +4 +5 +5 +5 Tenacious tracker, slow fall 30 ft.
7th +5 +5 +5 +5 Locate creature

Class skills

Skill name Key ability Trained only Armor check penalty

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