Beguiler level 2 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Blinding Color Surge Illusion PH2
Blur Illusion PH
Daze Monster Enchantment PH
Detect Thoughts Divination PH
Fog Cloud Conjuration PH
Glitterdust Conjuration PH
Hypnotic Pattern Illusion PH
Invisibility Illusion PH
Knock Transmutation PH
Minor Image Illusion PH
Mirror Image Illusion PH
Misdirection Illusion PH
See Invisibility Divination PH
Silence Illusion PH
Spider Climb Transmutation PH
Stay the Hand Enchantment PH2
Touch of Idiocy Enchantment PH2
Vertigo Illusion PH2
Whelming Blast Enchantment PH2