Assassin level 2 spells

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Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Absorb Weapon Transmutation Sc_
Alter Self Transmutation PH
Animate Weapon Transmutation CM
Blade of Pain and Fear Evocation LM
Blade of Pain and Fear Evocation Sc_
Brilliant Energy Arrow Transmutation CR
Cat's Grace Transmutation PH
Darklight Evocation BV
Divest Essentia Necromancy MoI
Fell the Greatest Foe Transmutation Sc_
Fire Shuriken Evocation CAr
Fire Shuriken Evocation Sc_
Getaway Enchantment SaS
Ice Knife Conjuration CAr
Ice Knife Conjuration Sc_
Increase Virulence Transmutation PH2
Invisibility, Swift Illusion CV
Invisibility, Swift Illusion CAd
Invisibility, Swift Illusion MH
Invisibility, Swift Illusion Sc_