Spells in Illusion

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Shadow Radiance Illusion Sc_
Shadow Spray Illusion FRCS
Shadow Spray Illusion Sc_
Shadow Walk Illusion PH
Shadow Well Illusion Mag
Shadow Well Illusion Sc_
Shadowfade Illusion MP
Shadowfade Illusion Sc_
Shadowy Grappler Illusion Sc_
Shifting Paths Illusion Sc_
Silence Illusion PH
Silent Image Illusion PH
Silent Portal Illusion Mag
Silent Portal Illusion Sc_
Simulacrum Illusion PH
Skull of Secrets Illusion LD
Skull of Secrets Illusion Mag
Skull of Secrets Illusion PG
Solipism Illusion Sc_
Spectral Weapon Illusion CAd