Spells in Dragons of Faerun

Spell name Spell School Rulebook name
Abate Dracorage Abjuration DrF
Aggravate Dracorage Enchantment DrF
Antidragon Aura, Greater Abjuration DrF
Blunt Natural Weapons Transmutation DrF
Chromatic Ray Evocation DrF
Compel Breath Enchantment DrF
Cone of Euphoria Enchantment DrF
Diminish Breath Weapon Transmutation DrF
Dragon Blight Evocation DrF
Dragonblood Affinity Transmutation DrF
Dragonblood Spell-pact Transmutation DrF
Dragoncall Enchantment DrF
Gaze Screen Abjuration DrF
Gem Tracer Divination DrF
Icy Claw Conjuration DrF
Light of Xymor Evocation DrF
Pacification Enchantment DrF
Pebble Wind Evocation DrF
Platinum Ray Evocation DrF
Revelation Divination DrF